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Hoyleton Youth and Family Services

p13 Cox   Our focus is simple…One child at a time.  We help to restore family relationships; prepare young adults to make positive life decisions and become productive citizens.   We are building stronger communities through programs that strengthen & preserve families.
    In addition to over 20 different areas of care, Hoyleton, is expanding our behavioral health services. We are growing programs that work with children who struggle with emotional, educational, intellectual and developmental challenges or may have experienced trauma.
    We treat the whole child, looking at more than a single issue so we can provide the best, most comprehensive integrated care. We examine barriers in the home, school and community, working with the family who raises them and the organizations that support them.
    Grounded by faith and the traditions of the United Church of Christ, we make a positive impact on over 2,800 lives each year. Together with your support, we are bringing hope to children facing neglect and abuse, and ensuring they feel seen, heard and loved. For more information visit or give us a call at (618) 688-4727.

p13 Hoyleton    Chris L. Cox
    President and CEO
    Hoyleton Youth and Family Services

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