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2016 12 18 20 13 07

POINT: PRESIDENT’S CLIMATE CHANGE PROPOSAL & COAL President has both duty and authority to act on climate change threat if Congress won’t

   It is getting harder and harder to ignore the freakish and downright dangerous weather swirling around every part of the globe, giving firm evidence that climate change is already making a mess of things for us all.   In addition to floods and droughts, it’s getting hotter, with last year standing as the hottest year…

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COUNTERPOINT: PRESIDENT’S CLIMATE CHANGE PROPOSAL & COAL Using the EPA to write carbon constraints because Congress wouldn’t is wrong

   On June 25, President Obama announced his comprehensive plan to address climate change. The announcement was hardly a surprise to the coal industry, as Mr. Obama promised during the 2008 presidential campaign that he would bankrupt the coal industry.   However, for the past five years we have held out hope, albeit faint, that the…

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Q&A with Les Sterman

Chief Supervisor Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention District Council IBJ: How has the levee restoration project been progressing? Sterman: We’ve been making progress – not as fast as I would like or had hoped – but we are making progress. We’re gradually getting the design through the Corps of Engineers review process. The nature of the…

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