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Mark Hinrichs, Teresa Whittaker & Mike Christ – Impact Strategies

p13 impact    “At IMPACT Strategies, our clients are reaping major dividends from our focus on technology leadership in construction. Clients benefit with better quality and more efficient projects plus quicker occupancy because of the real-time problem solving and quicker team collaboration that we deliver with technology.
    In seeking this real-time, full-team collaboration, we involve the project owner, sub-contractors and architect. Because of the way we adapt technology, we’re able to resolve most any site field challenges within a matter of hours, and keep the project on-track. This transfers directly to our client-owners’ bottom line.
    Tapping fast-evolving technology is more complicated than installing the newest software. The trick is to create, maintain and manage a total work environment in which everyone, including the client-owner, becomes and feels a part of our team and then actually uses the technology to sort through options and to communicate quickly with everyone else on the team.
    Our passion, and our promise, is a continued relentless focus on technology leadership in construction.”

p13 impact logoMark Hinrichs, President;
Teresa Whittaker, Controller;
Mike Christ, Executive Vice-President
Impact Strategies


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