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Larry McCulley – Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation

p16 mcculley    “Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation (SIHF) believes equality in the community begins when everyone has access to quality care. As a Federally-Qualified Health Center, SIHF delivers affordable, accessible care to 1,300 individuals each day through 28 locations across central and southern Illinois.
    SIHF ensures the 104,000 patients we serve every year receive high-quality, coordinated Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Dental, and Behavioral Health care, regardless of their ability to pay. We also provide disease management programs and community support services, including the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and Healthcare for the Homeless.
    SIHF’s focus on integration extends to our affiliate hospital, Touchette Regional Hospital in Centreville. In January 2016, Touchette opened our doors to our new Behavioral Health & Wellness Center, the largest and most innovative facility of its kind in St. Clair County.
    The Center erases the stigma of mental health by offering client-centered inpatient and outpatient services in a warm, welcoming environment with greater focus on interaction through recreational therapy, support groups and activity therapy.
    In addition, Touchette offers a new Emergency Department and is home to the Special Needs Dental Program for children on Medicaid.
    As SIHF continues to build our network of locations, we continue to break down the barriers to healthcare, ensuring all our neighbors – no matter their income, background or neighborhood – have access to the care they need, delivered with the respect they deserve.”

p16 sihcLarry McCulley
President and CEO
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation

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