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MM&R-sponsored high school sculpture unveiled at 21st annual Art on the Square

Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd., was honored to sponsor Art on the Square’s High School Sculpture in the City program last weekend. The program was introduced in 2011 and since then MM&R and Art on the Square have worked together to ensure its vitality. Through the program, local high school art students are given the opportunity to work alongside a globally recognized sculptor to create a sculpture that will be unveiled on the opening night of Art on the Square.

Last month, Artist Ancizar Marin worked with the art students at Belleville West High School to create a one-of-a-kind sculpture for the city of Belleville. While in the classroom, he educated students on his unique sculpting techniques and shared inspiring messages about transforming your passions into a way of life and embracing your unique expression, the theme of this year’s sculpture.

Aniczar is best known for his climber sculptures and installations which he crafts from fiberglass and resin then uses car paint to add a high gloss. While in Belleville, he introduced students to a motorcycle paint technique that is popular in the Italian city of Murano, and together they created a wall installation of 26 birds.

The piece is named Journey and is inspired by humanity. “Some of us are more expressive than others, some more colorful than others and some are more adventurous than others. Each bird signifies a human being,” shared Marin.

On Friday, May 19, the opening night of the 21st annual Art on the Square, Marin and Belleville West High School students unveiled their over 20-piece installation at the St. Clair County Courthouse steps. Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. shareholders, the Art on the Square Committee, City of Belleville officials, Belleville West High School student representatives, faculty and many others attended the unveiling.

“From the time that Art on the Square started, we’ve been a supporter; we’ve been a sponsor. We’ve bought art pieces from the show every year,” said Shareholder Pat Mathis. Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. is a proud supporter of the arts and strives to improve art programs by increasing our involvement within the local fine arts community.

Journey was enjoyed by Art on the Square’s guests throughout the beautiful weekend and is now set to be permanently installed on Belleville West High School’s campus for students, faculty and the community to enjoy.

In addition to Journey, Marin, alongside Art on the Square officials, dedicated one of Marin’s beautiful pieces to Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd., for their commitment and dedication to supporting the High School Sculpture Program, Art on the Square, the community, the arts and most importantly the students who have passions.

Marin named that piece Goal Achievers as it represents all that MM&R has accomplished in their almost 40 years of business.

Over 100 accomplished artists from over 30 states were present at this year’s 21st annual Art on the Square. Paintings, sculptures, photography, jewelry and more filled the streets of Downtown Belleville creating a beautiful scene for the local community and artists alike.

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Photos courtesy Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd.

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