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OSF Saint Anthony’s recognizes four Mission Partner award winners

OSF Saint Anthony’s recent honorees, from left, included Mission Partner of the Month Erica Clark (for May) and Brian Russell (for April), along with DAISY Award recipient April Collins. (Submitted photos)


Mission Partner of the Month for April and May recognized along with DAISY Award, Sunflower Award honorees

OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center recently recognized four (4) Mission Partners for their exemplary service to patients, fellow Mission Partners, and daily demonstration of the hospital’s Mission of “serving with the greatest care and love.”

The Mission Partner of the Month for May is Erica Clark, a mammography technologist in the hospital’s Radiology Department. Clark’s nomination, submitted by Heather Chambers, specialty services patient navigator, radiology, states that Clark exceeds every characteristic of the Mission Partner of the Month standards. “She is kind, loving, as well as thorough with her specific duties, always making sure everything is done accurately to ensure the appropriate exam and results are obtained.” Chambers noted. “Each patient she greets, no matter the circumstances, is in a way to make them feel welcome, and giving direct attention to each one.”

The Mission Partner of the Month for April was Brian Russell, RN, in the hospital’s Emergency Department. Russell’s nomination, submitted by a student nurse, speaks to what he witnessed about on a particular day. “Something I noticed working with Brian today, I saw someone with the most genuine compassion I have ever seen, and it was inspiring. I’ll be honest, there was nothing super educational about this clinical day to share, but this is what I’ve been thinking about. I want to be like Brian when I get older. Someone who still cares. Someone who is still going to do the best he can with what he has. I am not even a nurse yet, and I sometimes get so bogged down with studying and everything that I forget the very reason I chose to go into nursing. It was to be like Brian.”

Winners of the Mission Partner of the Month Award are noted for their exceptional manner by exemplifying the hospital’s Values, providing outstanding service through his or her work, and exhibiting a positive and supportive attitude. Winners also receive a designated parking spot for their use during the month. Additionally, they will also be one of the 12 monthly winners to be considered for the newly instituted “Mission Partner of the Year Award” to be awarded during the annual Mission Partner Christmas Party.

OSF Saint Anthony’s also recently honored two (2) Mission Partners within its nursing ranks for their service in administering care to patients as part of its quarterly recognition program.

April Collins, BSN, RN, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), received the DAISY Award. Collin’s nomination was submitted by a patient’s family member and reads in part: “Words can’t describe how great April was during my mother’s and father’s time in the ICU. What I remember the most was how responsive she was to my father’s needs. Whenever April came in, she touched my father’s arm and talked to him to meet his needs. Also, my family is big and can be a ‘pain,’ but April was an absolute pleasure to be around. The other very memorable part was my mother (my father’s wife of 52 years) came to the ICU, also very sick. The moment we knew we were at the end, she worked to bring them together at the last moment. It brought complete peace and joy to myself and my family.”

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses (The DAISY Award) is a recognition program that honors the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day. More information on the DAISY Award can be found by visiting

Taylor Owens, monitor technologist, ICU, was the recipient of the most recent quarter’s Sunflower Award. Owens was nominated by a fellow Mission Partner who submitted the following: “Taylor is one-of-a-kind. Not only is Taylor superb as a monitor tech, but she’s an asset to the ICU. Taylor will alert the bedside RN to a change in the patient’s heart rate and rhythm and ask for assistance from the ICU RNs when needed to ensure patient safety and well-being. Taylor is attentive to those she’s tasked to watch on telemetry and can notice subtle changes that make patients safer. RNs know their patients are being monitored and in good hands when Taylor works. She never leaves her post unmonitored and will still make herself available for patient care. Taylor offers to let an RN sit with the monitors to catch up on their own work and then will offer to help the other RNs on the unit with turning patients, cleaning patients, replacing leads and any other work within her scope of practice as a CNA.”

Taylor Owens, monitor technologist, ICU, was the recipient of the most recent quarter’s Sunflower Award. (Submitted photo)

Sunflower Award honorees exemplify the remarkable patient experience received at OSF HealthCare. These Mission Partners consistently demonstrate excellence through their expertise and extraordinary compassionate care and service. They are recognized as outstanding role models in our Community of Caregivers. More information about OSF’s Sunflower Award can be found at

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