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City of Belleville receives Economic Development award from Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois

The City of Belleville was awarded the Economic Development Award from the Leadership Council of Southwestern Illinois at their 40th Annual Dinner on Mar. 28, 2023.

This award was presented for the city’s efforts in securing the former Lindenwood University property, and restructuring this facility into the Southwestern Illinois Justice & Workforce Development Campus, which now houses the Southwestern Illinois College Police Academy, the Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission, the Illinois State Forensic Lab, the Southern Illinois University – Carbondale Law School experiential program, and the Southern Illinois University Forensic programing. It was also presented to the city for its retention and expansion efforts in Economic Development, and for the District 201’s new academic and vocational training center, THE CAVE.

Mayor Patty Gregory was honored to receive this award, on behalf of the City of Belleville. Gregory said, “We are very appreciative that the Leadership Council of Southwestern Illinois recognizes our efforts in changing the landscape of not only the former Lindenwood University campus, but the tireless commitment our community stakeholders, my entire staff, and myself are putting forth for the advancement and growth of our city, and our region.”

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