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The Maschhoffs awards 2022 Core Values Award

Each year, since 2011, Carlyle-based The Maschhoffs recognize an employee who has displayed the company core values through key business decisions and leadership actions.

The Core Values award honors the outstanding commitment of a single individual. This year’s winner is Tricia Jansen, regional controller of the Great Plains and Central Prairie regions.

The company is one of the largest pork production operations in the country.

The company core values are how The Maschhoffs operate, collaborate, and identify. The values serve as an authentic reflection of the company culture. They define how employees work with one another, care for the animals, engage with the community, and serve customers. The values are 1. People & Partners 2. Good Animal Husbandry & Sustainability; 3. Business innovation and 4. Customer Focus

Randy Bowman, general manager of the Great Plains Region, said Jansen challenges people to hit production and financial targets, supports needs and request of the team, and urges worker s to communicate in a fashion that uses the tools learned through the company’s leadership development.

The Maschhoffs had what was called “an astounding” 56 finalists for 2022:

• Aaron Kobus
• Adam Daugherty
• Alex Villalobos
• Amanda Gonzalez
• Amanda Loepker
• Amy Maschhoff
• Amy Pressey
• April Viehmann
• Ashley Johannes
• Brenna Hilmes
• Caroline Hicks
• Chris Holle
• Chris Horstmann
• Cody Anderson
• Daniel Miller
• Darrell Hemker
• Darren Housberg
• Drew Hesker
• Elizabeth Noblett
• Ella Akin
• Enrique Sanchez
• Eric Jorgenson
• Erika Niemann
• Gale Schafer
• Harold Boehl
• Hayden Mattson
• James Kerr
• Jason Buss
• Jeff Mahoney
• Johnathan Triggs
• Jose Gracia
• Josh Maschhoff
• Kayla Henness
• Keith Monken
• Ken Stewart
• Kevin Van Dyke
• Kody Adams
• Krista Bromley
• Lexi Ammann
• Linda England
• Marty McCombs
• Michelle Hilker
• Mickey Montalvo
• Paul Ayers
• Pete Rochen
• Rafael Diaz
• Rebecca Shaw
• Reda Salimi
• Sarah Stoutner
• Steve Quick
• Tanya Jansen
• Teri Foster
• Terra Tebbe
• Tricia Jansen
• Tyler Bauman
• Zoey Dinkla

To learn more about The Maschhoffs core values, visit
Left to right: Tricia Jansen and company president Dr. Bradley Wolter.

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