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Ten-cent bag fee takes effect July 12 in Edwardsville

A 10-cent fee per bag goes into effect July 12 in Edwardsville.

Any retail location, excluding restaurants, within the city limits with at least 7,000 square feet of total floor space must charge the fee.

The fee applies to all single-use disposable paper and plastic checkout bags.

A statement from the city on Tuesday said there are 27 seven such locations within the city limits.

The bag fee is not applicable for packaged bulk items such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, candy, small hardware items, wrapped frozen foods, meat, fish, wrapped flowers, prepared foods or bakery goods.

Consumers will see a sign on each retailer’s entrance as well as near cash registers. The signs will identify the requirement for the store to charge a 10¢ fee on all single-use bags and remind consumers to bring a reusable bag instead of paying the fee. The consumer has a choice at those retail establishments required to charge the fee. Customers can either pay the 10-cent fee or bring in reusable bags to carry out items purchased.

The city is not collecting the single-use bag fee and consumers will not be taxed on the fee. The retail establishments impacted will retain the fee to offset the cost of the bags and to recoup administrative expenses for changing point of sale systems and record keeping.

Some retail establishments are choosing to use the fee to give back to the community.

The City of Edwardsville has instituted a free reusable bag program at Main Street Community Center and Glen-Ed Food Pantry where bags will be available free of charge. Additionally, Bring Your Own Glen-Ed has a Community Bag Share Program with the Goshen Market and several other establishments in Edwardsville.

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