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New leadership program aimed at area IT professionals

A new, 22-week-long leadership development program designed to change the role and increase the influence of information technology professionals within their business organizations will launch in the St. Louis area in mid-June.

Organized by St. Louis-based Technology Partners, the STL IT Leadership Development Program has accepted 60 IT professionals into the program, which includes a variety of activities to help transform participants from solutions providers to strategic business partners and innovation anticipators, said Greg Nichols, president and COO of Technology Partners.

“There is a massive digital transformation underway in large and mid-sized businesses throughout the greater St. Louis area,” Nichols said. “Today’s IT professionals have a greater sense of urgency to drive business innovation and thought-leadership as their companies transition to new revenue-producing or expense- and time-saving technologies. So, this type of leadership training is essential for these professionals and the companies for whom they work.”

Nichols said the first two groups of 30 IT professionals each will begin June 13 and 14, respectively, and will run through mid-November. More leadership sessions also are being planned for 2020.

The sessions include the equivalence of four days of on-site workshops focusing on leadership and soft skills training; three sessions of collaborative brainstorming and problem-solving; three individual meetings with business mentors; several informal sessions with sponsors, mentors, and participants; and, individual study.

The three primary sessions are titled “Leading Technical People”; “Consulting Skills — Becoming a Trusted Advisor”; and, “Marketing IT’s Value.”

“We are seeing this growing need for greater strategic business thinking among IT professionals day-in and day-out,” Nichols said. “The lessons learned will better position the participants and their companies for strategic growth primarily through better leadership skills and technological innovation.”

The program will be presented by Technology Partners in conjunction with Ouellette & Associates, a Bedford, N.H.-based professional development firm that focuses exclusively on developing the human side of technology and business cultural change.

“To help prepare IT professionals to take on tomorrow’s corporate leadership roles, they’ll need to strengthen their capabilities and business acumen through core skills like leading technical people, influence building, and effective communications,” said Dan Roberts, president and CEO of Ouellette & Associates. “This applies across the board in the world of IT, not just in St. Louis, which has an excellent, highly skilled, and well-established IT community.”

Lisa Nichols, CEO of Technology Partners, said “technology is transforming everything now, affecting every large and mid-sized business in our St. Louis region. We want to further elevate our IT community to better compete for new and expanded businesses, jobs, and economic development opportunities.”

Ouellette & Associates’ professionals from around the country will conduct the workshops, which will be hosted at different businesses around the region, including Mercy Hospital, MiTek, McCarthy Construction, Panera Bread, Ameren and the St. Louis Zoo.

To get more program information, contact Morgan Mechelke at or call her at (636) 590-5986 ext. 123, or Casey Scheinler at or (603) 623-7373.

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