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9Round fitness center getting a workout in Shiloh

9roundfitness9Round fitness center visitors are getting their kicks in at the new gym in Shiloh.

9Round, which calls itself the world’s fastest-growing kickboxing fitness franchise, opened in early February and is the second in the area (the first being the Edwardsville 9Round) and one of more than 600 locations worldwide.

The 9Round workout consists of a 30-minute circuit format with routines that change daily, all led by trainers that are always on site. Because of the circuit format, there are no class times and a new session starts every three minutes.

“At 9Round, we offer a fast, full-body workout in a high-energy and exciting environment,” said Becky Venuti, local 9Round owner/operator. “We bring the proven tools and methods used by the professionals to the average person to help them meet their individual fitness goals.”

9Round workouts consist of nine, three-minute stations of activities that include cardio, weight training, abdominal exercises and kicks and punches on 100-pound, double-end, upper cut and speed bags. A real boxing bell rings to begin the workout, another to warn the station is ending and a third to signal the end. Members have a 30-second active break between rounds.

All 9Round workouts have zero person-to-person hitting. Instead, the circuit features moves designed to blast calories and relieve stress. 9Round also provides members with a wearable heart rate monitor – 9Round PULSE – to easily track the effort put into each workout and maximize results.
The center is located at 3740 Green Mount Crossing Drive, Shiloh.
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PHOTO: Members of the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce helped cut the ribbon at the new 9Round fitness center Shiloh location this spring.


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