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SIUE introduces cooperative PhD in environmental resources

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is introducing a cooperative PhD in environmental resources and policy with the Carbondale campus that will be available for the fall 2017 semester.

weinberg jerryThe central focus of the ER&P program is advanced interdisciplinary training and research on physical, biological, and social processes responsible for natural resource and environmental problems facing contemporary society. The program features concentrations in water resources, ecology, climatology, energy and mineral resources, earth and environmental processes, forestry, agricultural and rural land resources, environmental policy and administration, and geographic information systems and environmental modeling.

Jerry Weinberg (left), PhD and dean of the SIUE Graduate School, said the time had arrived for the two campuses to collaborate in this particular academic endeavor. “To address environmental problems that can have potentially global impacts, it is crucial that our natural resource policies be informed with solid scientific discoveries,” he noted. “The cooperation between the two campuses does this by bringing together the study of policy and resource use with the scientific inquiry of the environment.

“The interests of the two faculties mesh together in important areas such as toxicology and river resource use. We anticipate interesting and impactful research to be produced through this cooperative program.”

SIUE College of Arts and Sciences Dean Gregory Budzban pointed to additional advantages. “After the introduction of the bachelor’s program in environmental sciences in fall 2016, this cooperative PhD program will enable environmental sciences program faculty to offer environmental education and training opportunities from bachelor’s to doctoral level at SIUE,” he said. “The cooperative PhD program will enhance the research faculty collaboration between the two campuses. Given the current increased focus on environmental issues, this new program offers students the professional credentials needed to have access to the entire range of career opportunities available.”

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