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Public administration of insulin gets state backing

SPRINGFIELD — A plan to legalize public self-administration of insulin sponsored by state Sen. Mattie Hunter, D-Chicago, gained House approval on Friday.

The measure would reduce public health scares for diabetics and guardians of children with diabetes, she said.

“As a child, I had to learn how to administer my mother’s insulin shot,” said Hunter, a member of the Illinois Legislative Diabetes Caucus. “I understand firsthand that timely insulin injections can save lives.”

The Public Self-care of Diabetes Act would prevent people diagnosed with diabetes from facing prosecution due to public administration of insulin shots.

Senate Bill 3149 now goes to Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk to be signed into law.

Here’s how the bill reads, in part:

“The General Assembly finds that insulin injection is necessary for diabetics and their continued health and longevity. The General Assembly finds that forcing diabetics to administer their personal insulin injections out of public view is unnecessarily restrictive.

The bill declares: “A person with diabetes, or parent or legal guardian of a person with diabetes, may self-administer insulin or administer insulin for his or her child in any location, public or private, where the person, or the person’s parent or legal guardian, is authorized to be, irrespective of whether the injection site is uncovered during or incidental to the administration of insulin.”


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