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Joe’s Market Basket provides tips on planting during National Perennial Month

Joe’s Market Basket provides planting tips during National Perennial Month in June.

June is National Perennial Month and Joe’s Market Basket is educating people on tips to keep their perennials thriving. Each year, a perennial’s foliage dies and then reblooms the following season and for up to several years to come. Perennials die in the ground every fall, but their roots survive the winter and sprout again in the spring.

“Perennials are one of the most rewarding types of plants because they can surprise you for years,” said Joe’s Market Basket General Manager Andy Klos. “June is the perfect time to purchase and plant your perennials. The key to having successful perennials is to pluck or trim their flowers off once they begin to brown. Although they are low-maintenance flowers, you want to stretch their lifespan as long as possible to see them continue to bloom annually.”

Klos said perennials’ blooming season is typically shorter than annuals, so some gardeners like to mix and match throughout their yards. Depending on the species, perennials’ lifespan can stretch anywhere from three years to a lifetime and will bloom each year.

Joe’s Market Basket has dozens of perennials but offers favorites like salvia, coneflower, lavender, asters and peonies. They also carry a large variety of shrubs and trees to create the perfect outdoor oasis to enjoy year after year.

“It’s important to take care of your perennials to see them bloom season after season,” said Klos. “I always suggest watering deeply during the first growing season and making sure your soil is not too dry or too moist. Mulching around the plants can keep weeds to a minimum and help retain moisture. If your plants need support, put them in early in the season before plants get too big, so you don’t have the chance of disturbing their roots.”

Joe’s Market Basket also offers hands-on tips to divide your plants down the road. To keep these plants blooming, Klos suggests dividing the big plants when they’re not blooming. He said this should be done every three to six years for thriving perennials.

Joe’s Market Basket is a family-owned business with four Illinois locations in Edwardsville, O’Fallon, Godfrey, Troy and one location in St. Peters, Mo. Market Basket’s mission is to provide customers with an outstanding service experience and top-of-the-line products. For more information about Joe’s Market Basket, visit

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