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June’s Breakfast + Patio celebrates its first anniversary in business

Pictured at the center of the photo and cutting the ribbon are June’s Breakfast + Patio owners Jon and Liz Welzbacher.


June’s Breakfast + Patio, located at 430 S Main Street in Shiloh, is celebrating one year in business. Since their doors opened on Mar. 31, 2022, they’ve built a reputation for “great coffee, outstanding customer service, and locally sourced ingredients,” all served from their renovated 120-year-old building.

Thanks to neighbors, regulars, and the greater St. Louis metropolitan community, they’ve been able to grow organically, adding popular specials like their Weekend Waffles (GF) and Biscuits + Espresso Sausage Gravy, seasonal cocktails, and more.

With an emphasis on sustainability, June’s composting program has diverted over 36 tons of waste from landfills (the equivalent of nine mid-sized SUVs) in just one year). They continue to support local businesses and farms, reducing their carbon footprint and redefining food industry practices, something owners Jon Welzbacher and Liz Lingelbach Welzbacher hope encourages others to compost, grow their own food and “consume consciously.”

Heading into year two, the Welzbachers are feeling “incredibly grateful to their talented staff, managers, regulars, friends and family for their continued support of such a special space.” They continue to prioritize people and quality, and are looking forward to hosting several private events and expanding with an evening service this summer – small plates, natural wine, local beer and live music.

Named for the women who made them, Jon + Liz are grateful for the opportunity to realize this vision of a “container for connection.”

“We hope spending time at June’s leaves you feeling refreshed, inspired and connected. That the vibe feels like brunching at your cool aunt’s house – wholesome, authentic, and a little bit magical. Many thanks to our team for bringing this place to life every day,” the owners shared further.

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