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Neurosurgery of St. Louis expands practice to six locations throughout Metro East, St. Louis

Neurosurgery of St. Louis has expanded its practice in St. Louis and Metro East region. Pictured from left: Brenda Seidel, MSN, FNP, Scott Purvines, MD, Rohit Kesarwani, MD, Sarah Fouke, MD, Mike Boland, MD, Michael Polinsky, MD, Neill Wright, MD, Brendan Fong, MD, Sarah Travers, MD, Andy Youkilis, MD, Stephen Johans, MD, and JoAnn Wilson, RN, ANP-BC.

Neurosurgery of St. Louis (NSL), an independent physician’s group serving St. Louis and Metro East Illinois, is starting the new year by nearly doubling its footprint in the region.  The practice, which began last year, has added three additional locations and expanded its team of highly trained neurosurgeons and nurse practitioners to twelve.

The group now has six locations in Illinois and Missouri, as well as a new Specialty Surgery Center of St. Louis which is located in the Walker Medical Building. The practice specializes in treating common brain and spine conditions including brain tumors, cervical and lumbar spine conditions and spinal stenosis.

“It’s a very exciting time to be part of NSL because of what this growth will allow us to achieve from a quality care standpoint,” said NSL’s Managing Partner Dr. Michael Polinsky. “What this means for patients is that we’re able to offer even more highly specialized care in a more accessible way for people. These additional locations, as well as the new surgery center, will allow us to bring specialized care closer to our patients.”

The group includes 10 neurosurgeons; Stephen Johans, MD, Sarah Fouke, MD, Brendan Fong, MD, Neill Wright, MD, Rohit Kesarwani, MD, Sarah Travers, MD, Michael Polinsky, MD, Andy Youkilis, MD, Mike Boland, MD, and Scott Purvines, MD. NSL also has two nurse practitioners, JoAnn Wilson and Brenda Seidel. Together, the group has more than nine decades of experience.

Dr. Neill Wright, who is also NSL’s Medical Director, said the team of doctors made the decision to move from the traditional hospital employment setting last year in order to offer specialized care to a wider range of patients with more cost-effective and convenient location options. NSL also wants to increase its patients’ access to care, with appointments in many cases being available within 72 hours.

“This has been our vision since 2019. Our vision all along was to have a group of like-minded surgeons who believe in patient-centered care,” said Dr. Wright. “We wanted to deliver patient care in a way that we thought was better for the patient and offered faster access to care.  It’s taken us two years to get to this point but we feel very invigorated that we are doing something that we truly believe will change the way patients receive care for the better. It’s a new way of delivering expert neurosurgical care.”

NSL has six locations, with two in Illinois and four in Missouri. All are currently accepting new patients.

  • St. Elizabeth’s Hospital: 3 St. Elizabeth’s Blvd., Ste. 3200, O’Fallon, Ill.
  • Anderson Hospital: 6828 State Route 162, Ste. A, Maryville, Ill.
  • Missouri Baptist Medical Center: 3009 North Ballas Rd., Ste. 250C, St. Louis
  • Walker Medical Building: 12855 North Forty Dr., Ste. 125, St. Louis
  • St. Peters, Veterans Memorial: 5301 Veterans Memorial Pkwy., Ste. 105, St. Peters, Mo.
  • Washington, Missouri: 3195 Phoenix Center Dr., Washington, Mo.

Neurosurgery of St. Louis has a dedicated team that specializes in neurological diseases and disorders such as benign and malignant brain tumors, spine conditions such as degenerative spine disease, spinal stenosis, neck pain, lower back pain, spinal fractures, sciatica and peripheral nerve disorders. The highly specialized team of neurosurgeons is the only independent neurosurgery group in Metro East Illinois and the largest independent neurosurgery group in the St. Louis region. For more information about Neurosurgery of St. Louis, go to or call (314) 806-1770.


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