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Madison County to start $3.1 million in renovation work to make way for office relocations

Madison County to start $3.1 million in renovation work at the Administration and annex buildings so it can relocate the Community Development and Probation and Court Services offices.

Probation relocated its offices from the Administration Building to a space at 200 Clay Street on Monday, where it will remain until renovation work is complete at 130 Hillsboro Ave., also known as the “Annex” building.

“We moved the probation offices to our Clay Street building so renovations could be done in the space before moving Community Development out of the annex building and into that space,” County Board member Mick Madison and chair of the facilities committee said.

Madison said that once work is complete Community Development would relocate its offices into the Administration Building and renovation work would start on the annex property to make way for the Probation Department. He said that by moving probation offices out of the Administration Building and into the annex site, it would bring all of probation under one roof.

“The upstairs of the property already houses probation offices and by doing this all of probation will be in one building and in a secure site,” he said.

The cost to renovate the third-floor office space in the Administration Building, which includes painting and installing new carpet, is around $105,000.

County Board member Stacey Pace and a member of the Facilities Committee said the two departments are switching offices, but each location needs work.

“Work in the Administration Building is more or less cosmetic compared to the work that needs done at the annex site,” Pace said. “Before any renovation work can be done asbestos abatement and interior demolition is required.”

She said the county went out for bids on the project and they are due back by 2 p.m. Wednesday and a bid opening will follow at 2:15 p.m. Officials estimate the cost for the mitigation/demolition and renovations to be around $3 million. The site is one block east of the Administration Building and Courthouse.

Director of Probation & Court Services R. Kevin McKee said he is looking forward to the move upon completion of the renovation work.

He said it’s estimated that probation would be in its new spot by the fall of 2023.

McKee said the department notified the 4,132 probationers it services by mail prior to moving into the Clay Street building. He said they also prepared information for the courts to provide to the public.

“We made sure everyone knew we were moving,” McKee said.

The department employs around 60 people. The majority of the employees were located in the Administration Building with the remaining at the annex building and the Juvenile Detention Center.

Madison said he appreciates all the work the Facilities Department did in preparation for the probation move and the work in preparing for the mitigation and renovations.

“It’s basically a big jigsaw puzzle with pieces moving all around,” Madison said.

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