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Madison County court patrons can sign up for digital reminders

Individuals scheduled to appear in Madison County Circuit Court can now sign up to receive text messages or email reminders about their upcoming appearances.

Circuit Clerk Tom McRae said the service is now underway. An individual will receive four text messages/emails starting one week before a scheduled court time for anyone enrolled in the new service.

The Illinois Supreme Court authorized the use of text messages as an inexpensive reminder to patrons of the court system.

“It is important for everyone to understand that text messages do not replace any type of legal or formal notification of a court date,” McRae (shown) said. “They simply serve as convenient reminders for those who choose to enroll in the optional program.”

The reminders will be sent on days seven, five, three and one before the scheduled time.

Those who would like to enroll in the program can go to the Circuit Clerk’s website and click on the Text Alert Reminder Court Date link or can scan a QR code with their smart phone or tablet.

Those who enroll should familiarize themselves with the disclaimers listed below:

  • This is an optional service provided as a courtesy and is not a legal notice.
  • It is not the responsibility of the Court to ensure the text message is received. This notification service does not serve as legal notice and failure to receive this notification does not excuse you from court appearances.
  • It remains the defendant’s / litigant’s sole responsibility to keep track of court dates and times and to appear at all hearings set by the court.
  • If you decide to opt-out of text reminders, you may respond at any time with “Stop, Cancel, Quit, End or Unsubscribe.”
  • Canceling text messages does not cancel a court date.
  • Message and/ or data rates may apply.

McRae said he’s excited about bringing the technology into the court system and making it easier for citizens to be reminded of their court dates. The project is designed to better ensure defendants don’t miss their court date and find themselves dealing with the consequences of not appearing.

“Text messaging is a big part of how many of us communicate today,” McRae said. “With today’s hectic lifestyles people often miss important appointments including court dates. Hopefully, this service will make their lives a bit easier.”

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