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Stuart-backed obstetrician loan-forgiveness bill signed

State Rep. Katie Stuart, D-Edwardsville, says a newly signed bill that she supported expands access to obstetricians in the state.


Stuart applauded the signing of SB 3017 into law by Gov. JB Pritzker on May 17. The new law expands eligibility for loan forgiveness programs for obstetricians and certain other obstetric healthcare professionals who work in rural areas.  


“Access to an obstetrician is essential for people who are or may become pregnant, no matter where they live,” said Rep. Stuart. “Those requiring obstetrical care should not have to travel long distances to obtain it. This bill will help to address market failures and policy oversights which have resulted in a shortage of obstetricians in rural areas.”

Stuart co-sponsored SB 3017, which expands eligibility for physicians, advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) and physician assistants (PA) who provide obstetrical care and work at a government-owned, privately-owned, independent, or provider-based Rural Health Clinic or hospital that accepts Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, private insurance, and self-pay.


“Rural Health Clinic” is a federal designation that requires the clinic to be in an underserved rural area, accept Medicaid patients, and employ at least one PA or APRN.


“Access to high quality healthcare and other services is not just for people who live in and near cities,” said Stuart.

“Healthcare is a human right and everyone deserves equal access to care. I remain committed to looking out for the welfare of all Illinoisans.”


For more information, call Stuart’s office at (618) 365-6650 or email

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