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Madison County sees record increase in cases, renews message of caution

Madison County Health Department reported 60 new COVID cases on Wednesday, a record of new cases in one day.

“Yesterday, I called all cities and mayors in Madison County urging them to persist in caution: hand-washing, social distancing and wearing masks where appropriate,” Chairman Kurt Prenzler said.

Deaths from COVID have decreased. Of the 71 deaths to date, only two deaths were reported in July. The most recent data shows two COVID cases in Madison County intensive care units.

“Our health department has done a great job,” Prenzler said. “The department focused on nursing homes, which have accounted for more than 80 percent of all deaths.”

As the result of businesses reopening and more social gathering, the positivity rate (the number of positive cases divided by the number of tests) has increased.

“Most of the new cases are among younger people,” Toni Corona, county Public Health director said. “We want to remind everyone to be responsible and continue to follow the recommended protocol of hand-washing, social distancing and wearing masks.”

File photo: Madison County Director of Public Health Toni Corona, left, and Madison County Chairman Kurt Prenzler.


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