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U.S. Chamber of Commerce head lauds stimulus act

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas J. Donohue applauded Senate passage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and urged the House to immediately pass the legislation to help businesses stay open and pay their employees, reduce the potential of future layoffs, and ensure more hardworking Americans have access to their paychecks.

The Senate passed the measure late Wednesday on a 96-0 vote.

“Today, the Senate took a very important step to provide the much needed relief that American workers and businesses need and deserve during this unprecedented time. We applaud passage of the CARES Act on a strong, bipartisan basis and urge the House to pass the bill without delay.

“Every hour of every day, American employers across the country are being forced to make difficult decisions due to significant revenue disruptions caused by the coronavirus. The types of emergency funding programs in the CARES Act could make the difference between keeping a business up and running over the coming weeks or being forced to reduce salaries, layoff employees, or shutter businesses entirely.

“No family and no business should go bankrupt because of the financial hardships caused by the coronavirus, but every hour Congress delays action increases that risk. We cannot and should not allow this to happen. We urge members of the House to act swiftly in a bipartisan manner and pass the CARES Act.”

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