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AltonWorks looking for memories of Downtown Alton

AltonWorks is asking community members to climb into the attic, search the garage and tackle the basement to find their favorite memories of Downtown Alton for its new community engagement campaign called “Today and Tomorrow: AltonWorks.”

AltonWorks is looking for old photos, films, videos, sketches, etc. of a time in which downtown Alton was robust and thriving.

“Every person whose life has been touched in some way by the City of Alton has their own memories of what Alton means to them,” said Susan Ryan, who focuses on community and media relations for AltonWorks. “At AltonWorks, we are eager to hear your stories because we believe it’s important to reflect on the past as we work together to build a new future that is inclusive of everyone.”

Through March 13, AltonWorks will collect special memories from the community and create a video that highlights dozens of the communities’ most fond memories of days gone by. Images and photos will also be shared on AltonWorks social media pages including Facebook @HealthiestandHappiestCity; Instagram @altonworks and Twitter @Alton_Works.

When sharing a memory, provide a date, location, the names of the people and/or buildings in the images and what makes this memory special and meaningful. Also, if the photographer or sketch artist can be identified, that would be even better.  AltonWorks wants to properly credit (when possible) the image makers.

To help gather the treasures, AltonWorks will host office hours on Wednesday and Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m. and noon until 2 p.m. Wednesday and Friday and at 601 E. Broadway.  AltonWorks will have a scanner on site to scan photos and sketches. Community members can also send images to AltonWorks through social media or use the email address If anyone has old film, AltonWorks will try to have it transferred to a modern media format.

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AltonWorks is a social impact development company with a vision to revitalize Downtown Alton.



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