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New life-saving CPR devices installed on Alton Memorial EMS

altonmemorialcprdevicesALTON — The DefibTech Lifeline Arm automated CPR device is now available on all Alton Memorial Hospital ambulances, thanks to the generosity of others.

Made possible with financial support from the Alton Memorial Health Services Foundation, the White Cross Auxiliary, and the Foundation’s annual Duck Pluckers Ball, AMH is now the only EMS service to have Lifeline Arm CPR devices in the Riverbend area, says Jason Bowman, manager of EMS.

These Lifeline Arm CPR devices make it possible for EMS to provide uninterrupted CPR for patients in cardiac arrest. In addition, the AMH EMS also have Zoll X-Series cardiac monitors which allow AMH EMS to send 12 leads to the hospital emergency room for patients having a STEMI (ST-elevated myocardial infarction), a serious heart attack.

“These devices allow EMS to provide better cardiac outcomes to the communities we serve,” Bowman says.

Bowman first became aware of automated CPR devices in his role as a fire chief in Brighton.

Recognizing that this type of device could be a potential lifesaver for patients in the Alton area, Bowman worked along with Dr. Sebastian Rueckert, MD, AMH vice president and chief medical officer; and Bryan Hartwick, AMH vice president of Human Resources, to research and determined that the Lifeline Arm was the best device to meet the needs of AMH EMS.

“We have found that those who use automated devices have better outcomes with their patients in cardiac arrest because they do not need to interrupt or pause their compressions,” says Bowman.

He explains that, in the past, EMS personnel would have to stop compressions to administer an IV or medications, or perhaps to transfer a patient from their home to an ambulance.

The Lifeline Arm CPR device now on all AMH ambulances runs on a long-life rechargeable battery and allows the user to adjust the appropriate compressions based on the patient’s needs.

“These devices are easy to deploy and all of our paramedics and EMS have undergone special training,” Bowman adds. “We are really excited to have these devices and grateful for everyone’s support. They will help save lives.”

There are now six devices in service. The White Cross Auxiliary bought three of the devices from their annual budget, and proceeds from the Auxiliary’s recent “Girls on Grapes, Boys on Brew” fund raiser will purchase one more. The Alton Memorial Health Services Foundation purchased the other three.

PHOTO: Alton Memorial Hospital EMT Jacob Lloyd, left and paramedic Alex Campbell, right, demonstrate the Lifeline Arm CPR device during the AMH White Cross Auxiliary’s “Girls on Grapes, Boys on Brew” fund raiser in September.

— The Illinois Business Journal, via Alton Memorial Hospital


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