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Public sector appears out of touch

To the editor:
    On page 28 of the IBJ, May 2015, Alan Ortbals criticized Gov. Rauner on “trying to cut your way to prosperity.”
    The Democrats have been trying to “spend their way to prosperity” and that has not worked. I believe Gov. Rauner’s position is that the state needs to engage in best business practices before raising taxes.
    My spouse and I worked in the private business world where drastic changes to productivity, job requirements, fringe benefits and retirement benefits occurred between 1965 and 2006. The health care benefit changed from a free benefit to a substantial monthly charge. Retirement changed to a 401k. The work load increased. Seniority was replaced with performance evaluations. All of these changes reflect the private business world of the 21st century.
    However, in the public sector, labor unions dictate who can work and their compensation package including retirement. The public sector has not made the business changes that have been made in the private sector and by contrast looks out of touch with business in the 21st century.
    The private sector must deal with stockholders while the public sector ignores the concerns of the taxpayers who ultimately get the bill. The two-year tax increase in Illinois did not solve the near bankruptcy problem in Illinois. Thus, that uncontrolled experiment did not work. Alan Ortbals article does not offer solutions.

Dr. C. ROSSEL – Waterloo

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