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Matt Gomric, Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking, Commerce Bank

p18 Gomric    For Matt Gomric, banking is about relationships. Before launching his 18-year career in commercial banking, Gomric was an All-Star football player at Washington University in St. Louis. After college, he helped McKendree University head coach Carl Poelker develop the school’s football program.
    “Whether you’re playing or coaching sports, you quickly learn that you accomplish a lot more as a team than as an individual,” Gomric says.
    This perspective is central to Gomric’s approach to his role as senior vice president of commercial banking at Commerce Bank. When Gomric meets with business owners, he prefers to visit them at the location of their business.
    He has fostered business banking relationships throughout Southwestern Illinois at Commerce’s branches in Belleville, Edwardsville, Shiloh and Columbia. It’s an area Gomric knows well, having grown up in Belleville, and where he’s chosen to build his career. He’s worked with a wide range of businesses, from family-owned to publicly traded, and his experience spans many industries.
    Gomric understands that every business, and business owner, is different. His background playing football taught Gomric to appreciate and respect different personalities and perspectives. He stresses the importance of asking questions, listening and learning, before making recommendations. This allows Gomric to develop strategic plans tailored for a business’s short and long term goals.
    Leveraging Commerce’s robust suite of products and services, he helps businesses with challenges like cash flow, expense management, and real estate acquisition.
    Gomric joined Commerce Bank in 2016. Right away he appreciated Commerce’s collaborative nature, both internally and with clients. Senior management is readily available to make decisions promptly and streamline processes, and Gomric is able to work closely with colleagues throughout the bank, including the Commerce Trust Company and wealth management team.
    “Being aligned as a team makes us more efficient because we can get feedback to the customer faster,” explains Gomric, allowing him to provide better service in his partnerships with clients.
    Commerce has invested in further connecting branches and its bankers throughout the region with innovations at the Edwardsville branch. If another branch needs Gomric’s commercial banking support, it can quickly connect via video conferencing. Specialists are able to support each other and clients in real time, thereby saving time, resources, and headaches.
    Gomric is a member of the Leadership Council of Southwestern Illinois, Mid America Workforce Investment Board No. 24 and ARCHVIEW Development Corporation. He is also a graduate of the Leadership program of Southwest Madison County.

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