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Sodexo unveils Bite app, offers café insight at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

BELLEVILLE – Sodexo, the managing company of HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Food and Nutrition Services, has announced the launch of a new nutrition and menu app called Bite, which is now available for download on any iPhone, Android or other mobile device.

With the use of St. Elizabeth’s unique access code (J4EB3), the new app shows consumers everything St. Elizabeth’s is serving each day, along with the nutritional information and ingredients for each item. Plus, clear product descriptions and graphic representations for every nutritional category means no more guessing when comparing one product to another when trying to make healthy menu selections.

“We are very excited to offer this technology for our customers,” said Asha Faulkner, director of the Food and Nutrition Department at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. “Every day our customers walk through the café to see the options, and then they circle back to make a choice. Now with Bite, our customers may make their dining decisions any time they want – in the morning, while sitting at their desk, or even while walking to the café.”

Previously, when a consumer at St. Elizabeth’s café had a nutritional question, they may have been directed to a website where they had to search for the item, or they may have waited while colleagues looked up the recipe. Now with Bite, the power is in the hands of the consumer, allowing everyone to find menu and nutrition information quickly – even before they enter the café.

Bite also allows consumers to rate their food choices and mark their favorites. Bite will let users know when their favorites are on the menu again.

St. Elizabeth’s café, located on the first floor of the hospital, is open daily from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. to hospital visitors, colleagues and the public. To learn more about St. Elizabeth’s Food and Nutrition Services, visit, or to learn more about Sodexo visit


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