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Governor signs Beiser bill to help entrepreneurs set up shop in Illinois


From Illinois Business Journal news services

ALTON – Legislation to create a new state website to help those wanting to start a business in Illinois, pushed through the legislature by State Rep. Dan Beiser, D-Alton, will take effect the first of the year.

The site will contain information and forms that entrepreneurs need when setting up their business. The legislation, Senate Bill 659, was just signed into law by the governor.

“Collectively, small businesses employ a large number of people in the workforce,” Beiser said. “To help put more people to work, we need to improve the economic environment and make it easier for entrepreneurs make their business ideas a reality. My goal when leading the charge on Senate Bill 659 was to create a friendlier economic climate in Illinois.”

To remove obstacles facing anyone looking to start a business in Illinois, Senate Bill 659 requires all business startup forms on a publicly accessible website. The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity will compile and publish all state licensing materials and registration forms, links to important resources, helpful contacts and information about state incentives at this website, as well as update this portal on a yearly basis. Beiser’s law is supported by the Small Business Advocacy Council and the National Federation of Independent Business.

“When business owners are looking to start a company that puts people to work in Illinois, they may spend hours, days or weeks checking a variety of places to get all of the information they need,” Beiser added. “Having all the correct forms and reliable answers at their fingertips through this website is a concrete and practical way to make Illinois a better place to do business.”

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