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Health-care group stymied in effort to get state-based marketplace

SPRINGFIELD – Campaign for Better Health Care, an Illinois health-care advocacy group, on Wednesday bemoaned the House’s failure to act on a Senate measure that would have created a state-based marketplace under terms of the Affordable Care Act.

“(The Campaign) extends its gratitude to Rep. Robyn Gabel and all legislators and Illinois residents that supported Senate Bill 636 House Amendment 5 to create a State-Based Marketplace here in Illinois,” said a statement from the group.

“Unfortunately, during today’s House session, Senate Bill 636 House Amendment 5 was not called for a vote. This was the last opportunity for Illinois to pass legislation to access the $300 million available in federal funding to enable a State-Based Marketplace.

“Going forward, Illinois will continue to participate in the Partnership Marketplace model that is currently in place, with an Open Enrollment period occurring each year. We await the Supreme Court decision in King v. Burwell, which will determine the legality of federal tax subsidies that have enabled consumers to afford their Marketplace coverage. The failure to pass Senate Bill 636 House Amendment 5 further jeopardizes vital tax subsidies for Illinoisans enrolled in plans through our current Marketplace model; depending on the Supreme Court ruling, newly insured Illinoisans could return to the ranks of the uninsured, with the financial burden again falling on taxpayers.

“We are grateful that Rep.Robyn Gabel championed this bill with Campaign for Better Health Care, and thank her again for her tremendous efforts. The fight is not over yet.
As always, Campaign for Better Health Care will continue to fight for quality, accessible, affordable, comprehensive health care for all,” the statement said.


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