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Norma Bellcoff, Vice President/Trust, The Investor Group, TheBANK of Edwardsville

  Norma Bellcoff has more than 26 years of experience in banking and brings her knowledge of finance and customer service to the position of vice president/trust for The Investor Group at TheBANK of Edwardsville.
Norma-Bellcoff   In her role as trust officer, Bellcoff specializes in investment management and trust and estate administration. She facilitates individual estate planning for all ages, helps people with managing their assets including investments, real estate and daily finances and gives advice for people making decisions such as establishing a will or a trust. Bellcoff is based in Edwardsville but regularly travels to other branches for the convenience of her clients.
   Bellcoff says she chose her profession because of her interest in working with numbers from an early age, and also because of her father’s banking legacy. John Bellcoff was a prominent banker in the region for many years. While attending Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, her math professor recommended business school; it was a natural decision, she adds, to focus on finance. After graduation, Bellcoff returned to the Midwest to start her career. Her first job was at Integrated Resources, a subsidiary of Magna Bank, where she sold investment products. Next, she accepted a position in investment relations at Argosy Gaming Co. where she learned the ins and outs of the industry from Wall Street veteran Dan Marshall. That position, Bellcoff says, was a pivotal experience in her career.
   In her subsequent positions at AG Edwards and UMB Bank, Bellcoff specialized in trust administration; it was in trust that she found her niche. Two years ago, she accepted a position with TheBANK of Edwardsville as vice president/trust and moved back to Southwestern Illinois.
   When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Bellcoff emphasizes her relationships with people. A self-described “people person,” she says she works hard to offer unparalleled customer service based on the philosophy that everyone deserves care and respect, no matter the size of their bank account or portfolio.
   Over the course of her career, Bellcoff’s customer service philosophy has evolved due to the changes she has seen in society. The greatest change, she says, has affected how people interact. She recalls a time when a simple handshake was needed to seal a deal; now, written contracts are required. When working with families, she says it is no longer a given that children will take care of their parents and handle their estate; trustees are now relied upon to act as a third party. In order to be a positive influence, Bellcoff says she does her best to make life transitions seamless and to take financial pressure off family members whenever possible.
   Much of her positive outlook is due to how she was raised, Bellcoff says. Her parents instilled in her a solid work ethic and a concern for the community. In addition to his banking career, her father was mayor of the city of Madison and devoted 60 years to public service.
   Bellcoff serves on several boards including the Southwestern Illinois College Foundation and the John N. Bellcoff Scholarship Advisory Board. She is a member of the Estate Planning Council of St. Louis. She devotes time and energy to causes such as Special Olympics of Southern Illinois, the United Way, the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and the Komen Race for the Cure.

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