Simone Wheeler, the director of operations in the Central Illinois Division of HSHS Medical Group. has been selected to receive the “Faith in the Marketplace Award” given by the Catholic Diocese of Belleville. The award recognizes individuals in the community who display their faith throughout every aspect of their life.

wheeler simoneShe has more than 26 years of health-care experience

“At HSHS Medical Group, I believe in our core values of respect, care, competence and joy,” Wheeler (shown) said. “When times are challenging on the job, I think about these values and how I can show love to others versus frustration or unhappiness.”

Wheeler has been a parishioner at St. Clare of Assisi, in O’Fallon, Ill., for more than 14 years.

“Father Jim Deiters is always encouraging us to give of our time, talents and treasures,” said Wheeler. “God has blessed me in so many ways and my gifts are from God. They are not mine to keep, but to share with others. I can see God’s face in each person I encounter and this is a wonderful feeling.”

“Faith in the Marketplace Award” includes recognition of those who display their faith throughout every aspect of their life, stand up for those who cannot, and are not afraid to pray and praise God anytime and anywhere. This is the 12th year of the recognition program.

“We believe gospel values must be lived all day every day – not just on weekend liturgies or in an individual’s own personal comfort zone,” said Chris Orlet, editor/general manager of The Messenger, a newspaper for the Catholic Diocese of Belleville, which serves 108 parishes in 28 southern Illinois counties. “The recipients are being honored for taking their faith out of the pews, into the marketplace and the lives of the working men and women for our dioceses. The recipients are ‘walking the talk’ of faith in everyday life.”

“Simone is a shining example of serving others both at work and at home in the communities we serve,” said Melinda Clark, chief executive officer at HSHS Medical Group. “This award is a testament to her skill, compassion and ability to truly live our core values of respect, care, competence and joy.”

Award recipients will be recognized at a reception and dinner, Saturday, Sept. 15, at Bellecourt Manor, 225 East A St., Belleville. Reservations are required. Call (618) 722-5045 to reserve a seat. Cost of dinner is $40.