BELLEVILLE — Randy Freeman, M.D., a board-certified anesthesiologist on Memorial Hospital’s Medical Staff received the Matthew B. Eisele, M.D. Physician Excellence Award on Feb. 24, at the Medical Staff’s Annual Dinner.

freeman randolphThis award was established in 2007 to recognize a physician on Memorial’s Medical Staff who exemplifies dedication to medicine, delivery of quality care and a commitment to the community. The nominee also should inspire others to provide quality service and a high level of care; demonstrate clinical excellence, as well as caring and compassionate communication to patients, families and hospital staff; model teamwork; be responsive to the needs of patients, families and staff; support Memorial as well as its mission and values; participate on hospital and/or medical staff departmental committees; and set a positive example for others.

Freeman was chosen from among 35 nominations submitted by employees, peers, Auxiliary and board members. Freeman has been a member of Memorial’s Medical Staff since 1991 and currently serves as chairman of hospital physicians and section head of anesthesia. He is member of the bylaws, quality improvement and critical care committees as well as the joint conference committee and medical staff executive committee.

In addition to Dr. Freeman, nominees included: Dr. Muhammad Jaffer Ansari, Dr. Farooq Asghar, Dr. Omer Badahmann, the late Dr. Adrian Barcus, Dr. Kevin Baumer, Dr. Kashif Bhutto, Dr. Kimberly Carter, Dr. James Clanahan, Dr. Scott Crouch, Dr. Kevin Du, Dr. Mahmoud El-Sayad, Dr. Bryan Franks, Dr. Randy Freeman, Dr. Michael Hughes, Dr. Abdul Jamous, Dr. Prasad Kandula, Dr. Matthew Koch, Dr. Mark Morris, Dr. Hatim Mahmood, Dr. Andew Mahtani, Dr. Patrick Neville, Dr. David O’Neill, Dr. Lawrence Osei, Dr. Leopoldo (Tex) Pardo III, Dr. Yogesh Patel, Dr. William Popovic, Dr. Beatriz Ramos-Pardo, Dr. David Rawdon, Dr. Zachary Rynerson, Dr. Christopher Schenewerk, Dr. Nidal Shawahin, Dr. Gregory Simmons, Dr. Bradley Tissier, Dr. Mohummad Vakassi and Dr. Srinivasarao Yaganti.

The Matthew B. Eisele, M.D. Physician Excellence Award is named for Memorial’s first medical director. Prior to serving as Memorial’s medical director, Dr. Eisele was an obstetrician/gynecologist in the community for 22 years. He was instrumental in shaping the Medical Director’s role into the key position it is today - a liaison between the board of directors, medical staff and administration.