Health insurance signup warning

To the editor:
    Yes, it is that time of year  that all of us should be thinking of signing up for our health insurance, whether it be on our own or through a Medicare Plan.  Currently my husband and I are researching our options for a continued health plan for myself that will take me into 2016.  I am currently in a plan with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois which happens to be a plan that is offered through the Affordable Care Act.
    In looking for a plan that includes all of the “metallic plans” (Bronze, Silver, Gold) I have discovered that the state of Illinois does not offer “in network” care at our locally well-known Barnes Jewish Hospital. The local news and newspapers have openly had statements from Barnes that they will be providing “Out of Network” care for many insurance plans.  No mention of a significant impact on those having the state run program called BCBSIL.
    My concern here is, how many people on their own or are employed by a small business in Illinois and have the ACA state run BCBSIL have investigated their network providers when they go ahead and sign up for a continued plan that includes the metallic plan?  Most of this information came to us, because we have used an insurance broker who immediately made us aware of such changes.
    Interestingly, I spoke to a representative from BCBSIL this morning that offered me a plan that I could sign up for and in January I could then submit for a “waiver” to go to BJC.  When I stated that it seemed like a very risky thing to do when I am already committed and unable to sign up for another plan until the next year.  You would not believe the long silence on the other end and she had no other options to offer than to speak to someone else.
    I believe  this is information for Illinois consumers and should be published before the end of the year to make others aware of such a dramatic change in health-care providers.

Carol VanderWaal