Spotlight on Southwestern Illinois: Engineering and Architecture

Hurst-Roche Engineers, Inc., Collinsville Water Treatment Plant Project

p08 water plant    A new five-million-gallon-per-day water treatment plant is on its way to the city of Collinsville. Construction is anticipated to start this fall and be completed by fall 2017. The new facility will be located just east of Fairmount Race Track at 1800 St. Louis Road, located in an area with substantial growth anticipated in the next several years.
    Preliminary studies for the project were completed by the city in 2008 and 2012, with final designs finished in January of this year. The Hillsboro branch of Hurst-Roche Engineers, Inc., is designing both the architectural and engineering aspects of the project. Hurst-Roche had completed a final feasibility study on the project in September 2013 and started its design in November of that same year. The firm’s branch manager, Scott Hunt, is acting as the project manager and lead designer.
    Construction of the new plant includes a new pre-cast concrete building that will house 5,600 square feet of needed office space, 2,300 square feet of chemical feed equipment space and 11,800 square feet of process equipment space.
    The process area will house one steel head tank that is five feet in diameter and 43 feet tall. It will also house two steel shell claricones, each 47 feet in diameter and 30 feet tall. Additional process area structures include one steel shell helicarb tank with a diameter of 13 feet and at 30 feet tall and four steel shell filters, each 21 feet in diameter and 15.5 feet tall.
    Also included will be six groundwater well variable frequency drives ranging from 40 horsepower to 50 horsepower. Four finished water high service pumps will be constructed and installed, one at 200 horsepower, two at 250 horsepower, and one at 400 horsepower. Two filter backwash pumps will be on site as well, each operating at 100 horsepower.