Gerry Schuetzenhofer, President, Coldwell Banker Commercial Brown Realtors

   As president of Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors and Coldwell Banker Commercial Brown Realtors, Gerry Schuetzenhofer aims to stay at the forefront of market trends and conditions that affect local real estate.
IBJ Mar14 Page 15 Image 0007Schuetzenhofer   To acquire the details he needs, his firm is a member of Xceligent, a new information network that provides verified commercial real estate information pertaining to major markets across the United States. The members-only data includes a comprehensive inventory of commercial properties, sales comparables, historical trends on lease rates and building occupancy, market analytics and demographics.
    “Xceligent offers a service that helps us obtain market analyses and search properties for our clients. In addition to its database, it also provides an information exchange among local and national agents to help us meet our clients’ needs,” says Schuetzenhofer.
    Schuetzenhofer and his team work with land, office, and retail transactions in St. Clair and Madison counties. He has recently observed a heightened interest in retail outlots as new restaurants and retail stores steadily move into Southwestern Illinois. To accommodate this migration, the firm’s inventory showcases many prime commercial and retail outlots in Belleville, Shiloh and Edwardsville.
    An opportunity in Edwardsville is the Alpha Omega Commercial Park that is positioned on State Route 157 and Excel Drive. It can accommodate up to seven retail companies and office developments, he said.
    Coldwell Banker Commercial Brown Realtors works mainly with local companies and franchises. It recently represented Stifel Nicolaus with its lease transaction when it expanded its operation into a 4,000-square-foot office building at Sunset Hills Professional Center in Edwardsville. The firm was also instrumental in the land development and sale for the new Enclave West student housing in Edwardsville.
    Since starting his real estate career in 1981, Schuetzenhofer has come to understand how much clients appreciate 24-7 accessibility to their agents. Good communication is essential to the client-agent relationship and his team strives to provide that service.
    Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors has five offices, located in Belleville, Edwardsville, Highland, O’Fallon and Troy. It has been the largest residential real estate brokerage firm in the Metro East for more than 15 consecutive years and ranks in the top 5 percent of Coldwell Banker companies in the nation.