Spotlight on Southwestern Illinois: Salute to Women in Law

Chi-yong Throckmartin, Partner, Donovan Rose Nester, P.C., Belleville

    During her 16 years as a civil attorney with the firm Donovan Rose Nester, P.C., Chi-yong Throckmartin’s work has evolved. In the last 10 years, she has found her niche in professional negligence cases, mainly focusing on medical malpractice.
p17 throckmartinThrockmartin    Throckmartin’s job includes going to hospitals or medical facilities, speaking with staff involved in patient care, filing legal papers, gathering documents, attending depositions and making appearances in court and at hearings. She works on a variety of cases, based primarily in St. Clair County, which can take up to three years to reach a resolution.
    “My work is intellectually complex and stimulating,” says Throckmartin. “I enjoy learning new things every day. The different issues that arise in each case add a welcome variety to my job.”
    Throckmartin was an avid reader and problem solver at a young age, desiring to understand all sides of a story. Her mother encouraged her to set goals and pursue any career she desired, so Throckmartin decided to pursue law. She attended Illinois State University as a political science major and went on to Southern Illinois University School of Law. She volunteered at the McLean County State’s Attorney’s Office during her undergraduate studies before moving on to the Federal Public Defender’s office as a clerk during law school.
    After graduation, Throckmartin accepted a position with Donovan Rose Nester, P.C., to work on civil cases and found it was the right fit for her.
    “Donovan Rose Nester offers a wide range of legal services to clients including representation in auto accidents, trucking, worker’s compensation, class action, and business litigation,” says Throckmartin. “The firm is unique because we take on such a diverse caseload through all phases of litigation. Our six attorneys have a lot of experience, both in time and types of cases.”
    During her career, she has been empowered by watching women succeed in leadership roles.
    “Women today are not only practicing as attorneys but also serving as judges, managing law firms and functioning as leaders in the community.”
    Throckmartin’s professional experience includes serving on a committee through the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois to review local rules. She was also a member of a committee that evaluated the retention of a federal judge on the bench.
    She is a resident of O’Fallon where she lives with her husband, her 9-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter.