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The Illinois Business Journal
Southwestern Illinois (Eastern portion of the St. Louis metro area) Business, government and civic leaders
First Friday of the month
U.S. Mail
The Illinois Business Journal was designed to fill a niche in the metropolitan St. Louis market, and it does it very well -- providing news and an in-depth look at issues of particular interest and concern to businesses in Southwestern Illinois. As a monthly publication, it delves into news stories from an Illinois perspective, providing information and insights that the Missouri-side media does not.
Each month, the IBJ focuses on specific issues impacting businesses in many ways throughout Southwestern Illinois. The enclosed editorial calendar lays out our topics through 2018.
Because it is an Illinois paper for Illinois business readers and those interested in what’s going on in Illinois, it is the perfect advertising vehicle to deliver your message to your audience.
The Illinois Business Journal is owned and published by Alan Ortbals and Dennis Grubaugh. Both are Illinois residents who know and understand the Illinois perspective. With a team of Illinois reporters, you can depend on them to deliver a product in touch with your needs.
The newspaper is mailed each month to nearly 18,700 business, government and civic leaders in southwestern Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. Our surveys suggest that it is read by approximately 74,000 in print and thousands more on line. The coverage area is shown on the enclosed map. While the Illinois Business Journal is a monthly publication, local, regional and national business news is constantly updated on and distributed via social media.
For more than 17 years, the Illinois Business Journal has been the foremost business publication in Southwestern Illinois. Please review the enclosed information and let us know if we can help you reach the business people of our region.
 Alan J. Ortbals
President and Publisher O-618-659-1997 C-618-444-4739
Dennis Grubaugh Co-owner and Editor 618-977-6865

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