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Infrastructure investment supports safe drinking water, local jobs

By BRUCE HAUK    As the local water and/or wastewater provider, the work of our team touches every one of our customers daily. We ensure safe, reliable service to make your morning coffee, wash your dishes, flush your toilet and other daily activities which often are taken for granted. This responsibility to our customers is something…

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State’s natural gas customers are paying more for benefit of others

By AARON DEWEESE    In the 1999 film “Office Space,” characters concoct a scheme to defraud their company by diverting fractions of a penny into a bank account, with the logic that such a miniscule amount won’t be noticed but will pay off handsomely over time. The chicanery backfires, to the tune of hundreds of thousands…

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Companies are best served by relying on their own internal research

By SCOTT EAST    Every time you or I buy so much as a hamburger we probably create data in a computer somewhere that reveals what kind of burger we prefer, if we add pickles and onions, and whether we purchase fries with it.    And, from a marketing standpoint, that’s extraordinarily advantageous.    After all, marketers have…

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