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Health insurance signup warning

Health insurance signup warning To the editor:    Yes, it is that time of year  that all of us should be thinking of signing up for our health insurance, whether it be on our own or through a Medicare Plan.  Currently my husband and I are researching our options for a continued health plan for myself…

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Gun owners need education

Gun owners need education     As supporters of the 2nd Amendment rights afforded to all Americans, and as members of the state Legislature, we have taken a strong stance against efforts by politicians seeking to limit the rights of responsible citizens to keep and bear arms.      While there has been some tremendous success, such…

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Sad state of business morals

Sad state of business morals To the editor:    Enjoyed your editorial about the sad state of morality in corporate America. I’m not sure if it is getting worse or it’s always been bad but we just hear about it more.     I just saw the film “99 Homes” about the housing crisis and it really…

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