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2015 August Issue

Gateway Commerce Center: 5,000 jobs and counting

Metro East warehouse complex still has room to grow By DENNIS GRUBAUGH    St. Louis developer Mike Towerman got his first look at the land on which Gateway Commerce Center sits in 1992, years before a single wall had been constructed. He admits he underestimated the potential.    “A friend of mine sent me over to look…

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A lesson in compromise: Illinois could learn from South Carolina

By DENNIS GRUBAUGH    In late June and early July, during an extraordinary two-week span, South Carolina legislators did this:    – Turned a cold shoulder on more than 150 years of racism.    – Showed a nation what compromise looks like.    During that same time frame and since, the Illinois General Assembly did this:    – Failed…

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Maybe electing a non-politician wasn’t a good idea after all

By ALAN J. ORTBALS    As I write this, Illinois government has log-jammed on the shoals of politics and I don’t see how it will be broken loose. Gov. Bruce Rauner badly misread the situation and should have taken a very different course. If he had, I don’t think we’d be in this position today.    …

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COUNTERPOINT: Should the federal government raise the overtime salary threshold?

No, overtime proposal would erode pathway to careers By MATTHEW SHAY    The Obama administration’s proposal to expand overtime isn’t law yet, but it certainly resembles one –  the law of unintended consequences.    The administration has been selling the proposal under the guise of increasing income for store-level managers and expanding the middle class. The truth…

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POINT: Should the federal government raise the overtime salary threshold?

Yes, more workers would qualify to receive the pay they deserve EDITOR’S NOTE: The U.S. Department of Labor has proposed a rule to extend overtime protections to millions more workers. Under current rules, employees making up to $23,660 a year are automatically entitled to overtime pay when working more than 40 hours a week. Managers…

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