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Anti-worker system not the answer

To the editor:    When workers are injured on the job through no fault of their own, a system must be in place to ensure that the injured person does not find themselves in a position where they are unable to support themselves or their family. In order to provide this protection to injured employees, businesses…

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Hoffman committed to working families

To the editor:    This summer’s overtime session of the General Assembly has shown the true character of our leaders.  One of our staunchest allies, House Labor Committee Chairman Representative Jay Hoffman is sure to come under intense fire from Gov. Rauner.  Rep. Hoffman has shown his commitment to the working families of Illinois again and…

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Make sure you’re getting exemptions

To the editor:    Madison County property tax assessments are popping up in area newspapers. Owners who want to appeal the amount have a short window to do so.    As Treasurer, I don’t determine the assessments or set tax rates — I simply collect property taxes.     People call the Treasurer’s Office to ask about their…

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