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2013 September Issue

Q&A with Dave Miller ~ Manager St. Louis Regional Airport, East Alton

IBJ: Your annual Fly In and open house is scheduled for Sept. 28 and 29. How did it begin? Miller: It started 19 years ago, beginning with just a bunch of pilots informally getting together, roasting a couple of turkeys, talking about flying and telling war stories and other lies about their flying accomplishments. I…

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Illinois Business Journal welcomes newspaper editor Dennis Grubaugh

   One day in early 2000, Kerry Smith called me at my office at the Southwestern Illinois Development Authority. I had known Kerry as a reporter who worked briefly at The Telegraph in Alton, calling periodically for interviews on projects I was working on at SWIDA.    But this day she had a very different…

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COUNTERPOINT: SHOULD ILLINOIS ADOPT A GRADUATED INCOME TAX? Illinois Chamber opposes a graduated income tax

   The Illinois Chamber of Commerce is of the opinion that Illinois’ fiscal policy and tax laws should actively promote economic growth in Illinois by encouraging increased capital investment, productivity and the creation of new job opportunities for the citizens of Illinois. A graduated income tax would undercut these fundamental tax policy goals and further…

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San Fran firm’s plan to woo cities into eminent domain will thwart housing recovery, experts say

   Area mortgage bankers question the legitimacy of private players who are urging cities to use eminent domain law to rescue underwater homeowners.   The Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association and 25 others are opposing an initiative by Mortgage Resolution Partners LLC. The San Francisco-based firm, which incorporated in January 2012, has been courting municipalities (largely in…

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