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Illinois’ inability to get fix on pension crisis is already costing taxpayers an extra $130 million

   To say we saw it coming is an understatement.   On June 26th, two weeks after two credit-rating agencies (Moody’s and Fitch) downgraded Illinois’ credit rating, Gov. Pat Quinn led a sale of $1.3 billion in general obligation (municipal) bonds to fund much-needed transportation improvement projects statewide. This business journal was the recipient of a…

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Let profit guide the decision on funding a new Rams stadium

   Everyone knows by this time that the St. Louis Rams’ lease of the Edward Jones Dome is the most one-sided real estate deal since the Dutch West India Co. bought Manhattan island for 60 guilders.   For nearly 20 years the Rams have played in a stadium built entirely with public funds, they’ve paid a…

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