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2013 July Issue

Medical marijuana law may open up can of worms for Illinois employers

   If Gov. Pat Quinn signs the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act into law, Illinois will become the 19th state to legalize pot for medical use. Along with that will come numerous complications and problems for Illinois employers, according to local attorneys.   The 200-plus-page bill, passed by the Illinois General Assembly in…

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Let profit guide the decision on funding a new Rams stadium

   Everyone knows by this time that the St. Louis Rams’ lease of the Edward Jones Dome is the most one-sided real estate deal since the Dutch West India Co. bought Manhattan island for 60 guilders.   For nearly 20 years the Rams have played in a stadium built entirely with public funds, they’ve paid a…

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POINT: Should There Be Term Limits in the IL General Assembly? Term Limits: Will it Ever Happen in Illinois?

   Illinoisans have developed numbness to scandal after scandal exposing corruption among our politicians. With our previous two governors serving time and one of our U.S. representatives staring down his incarceration, corruption has sadly become commonplace in Illinois. Too many Illinoisans have seemingly accepted it as a way of life and have lost faith in…

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Industry clamoring for Supply Chain Management MBA grads, degree holders earn six figures

   In an era where throngs of college grads are searching for jobs, there’s one career for which industry can’t find enough takers: supply chain management.   As large-scale warehouse distribution operations increasingly dominate the global marketplace, workers with the skills to procure, track and manage inventory throughout that process are becoming more coveted than ever.…

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Tampering with the Charitable Deduction Hurts Communities, Needy the Most

   The region of St. Louis and Southwestern Illinois has a long, proud tradition of charitable giving by corporations and individuals supporting a wide range of vital community services, activities and venues. But nonprofit organizations that rely on generous donors are facing an urgent threat as Congress moves full-steam ahead in its consideration of proposals…

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