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Joe’s Market Basket emphasizes need to prep yard for spring now

(Photo courtesy Joe’s Market Basket)


Warmer temperatures and rich, green lawns might seem light-years away, but in reality, now is the time to start prepping yards for the springtime.

The general manager of Joe’s Market Basket, Andy Klos, said work done in February can lay the foundation for a spectacular-looking yard in the spring. February represents the perfect time to start cleaning up your lawn and making sure your grass has a friendly environment to grow once spring hits.

“When it’s cold outside and the weather is not great, it’s easy to forget the things you can do to prep your lawn for the spring,” Klos said. “Picking up fallen debris like dead leaves can help clear the way for grass once warmer temperatures hit. It helps your grass if you keep it clear of other objects throughout the winter months, whether that’s a grill or perhaps a playset for your kids.”

An easy way to start caring for your lawn in February is using the first step in Scotts 4 Step Program. Step No. 1 in Scotts 4 Step program is the Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food, which can be applied anytime between February and April. The first step is important because it not only wards off unwanted crabgrass, but it also provides nutrition to a lawn that’s been depleted during the winter months.

Klos added it’s important to not step on the grass in your lawn when it is frozen, as that can damage the grass, and you don’t want to compact your soil. Aside from your grass, you can also prune bushes and other plants to encourage healthy growth when those warmer temperatures finally come around in the spring.

“Some light raking can help clear dead debris off your grass,” Klos said. “Putting that first step of Scotts 4 Step Program down in February is essential to keeping crabgrass away. If you wait too long to take steps against weeds like crabgrass, they can hurt your lawn later down the road. Joe’s Market Basket has all your lawn care needs no matter if it’s late winter, early spring or any time of the year.”

Joe’s Market Basket is a family-owned business with four Illinois locations in Edwardsville, O’Fallon, Godfrey, Troy and one location in St. Peters, Mo. Its mission is to provide customers with an outstanding service experience and top-of-the-line products.

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