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Madison County awards taxing districts funding for environmental projects

Madison County is awarding more than $143,000 in grants to municipalities, townships, sanitary and park districts for environmental initiatives.

Building and Zoning is awarding 11 taxing districts grants totaling $143,020 to support environmental projects throughout the county.

The Grants Committee approved the funding on Feb. 6 and the County Board voted to approve it on Wednesday.

Building and Zoning Administrator Chris Doucleff said when the county established the grant program in 2001, projects were limited to recycling and waste diversion as part of its recycling program.

“In recent years, the county revisited the types of projects that could be done,” Doucleff said. “The projects still meet the statutory requirements, but allow the county to accommodate a broader scope to include plan and policy development, stormwater management, efficient and alternative energy projects and environmental restoration work.”

He said the purpose of the program is to provide financial support for projects that align with the county’s environmental goals and initiatives. Since the program’s inception 23 years ago, the county grants monies from the landfill “host” or “tipping” fee fund to pay for more than 170 projects.

This year, projects include stormwater improvements, lighting upgrades, greenhouse projects, solar projects and more.

County Board member Denise Wiehardt of Granite City and chair of the Grants Committee said the environmental grants are a good use of the tipping fees and tailored to the varied needs of the taxing districts.

Wiehardt said the grants help to pay a portion of the projects’ cost.

“These grants benefit the taxing districts and provide funding for upgrades or replacement of older, non-environmentally friendly infrastructure,” she said.

Grant recipients and projects include:

  • Alton — $4,140 — Greenhouse gas inventory
  • Collinsville — $15,000 — Natural gas inventory at City Hall
  • Glen Carbon — $15,000 —Energy Master Plan Assessment
  • Godfrey — $15,000 — Storeyland stormwater improvements
  • Highland —$15,000 — City reservoir sediment basin improvements
  • HoliShores Sanitary District — $3,880 — Lighting upgrade
  • Jarvis Township — $15,000 — Township office solar project
  • Nameoki Township — $15,000 — Cold planner, recycle millings for roadways
  • Jacob Township — $15,000 — engineering/design of stormwater culvert
  • Tri-Township Park District — $15,000 — Community Garden Phase III Greenhouse
  • Troy — $15,000 — Steambank restoration, Harbor Mill Driver

All grant recipients are expected to undergo site visits upon project completion as well as submit a final report — their funding reimbursement request.

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