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O’Fallon recognizes 2023 Public Safety Employees of the Year

The O’Fallon, Ill., Department of Public Safety recently recognized and congratulated its 2023 employees of the year. In an official statement, officials noted, “These individuals have set themselves apart from their peers by consistently performing at a high level this past year.  Their dedication to public safety and the community of O’Fallon is commendable.”

Noted recognition went to:

Firefighter of the Year – Firefighter Daniel Lindow

Firefighter Daniel Ludlow began his service with O’Fallon Fire Rescue in 2015 and graduated as a basic operations firefighter in 2017. Ludlow is a dedicated member of O’Fallon Fire Rescue, attending a majority of the calls for service, attending weekly trainings, and participating in department-sponsored events. He accomplishes all these tasks while working a full-time job and raising a family.

Civilian of the Year – Lead Telecommunicator Brian Bower

LTC Brian Bower serves as a lead telecommunicator (crew supervisor) in the Metro East Communications Center at the O’Fallon Police Department. Bower is a skilled telecommunicator and has a vast knowledge surrounding the duties and technology within the telecommunications center. His expertise lends itself invaluable as he helps to guide the center towards reaching its objectives of precision and efficiency. Bower’s ability to share insights and offer innovative solutions demonstrate his dedication to excellence and his commitment to the organization.

Emergency Medical Services Employee of the Year – Paramedic Patrick Lenz

Paramedic Patrick Lenz is dedicated to the mission of O’Fallon EMS by remaining active in the department outreach programs, including his commitments as CPR instructor, Explorer advisor, child safety seat technician, and his most recent accomplishments as lead field training officer and EMS crew leader. Throughout the year, Lenz has been involved in several critical calls, where he has received recognition by both the hospital and our administration for displaying a high-level of competency. His efforts to improve his department’s quality of service and strengthen community relations highlight his passion and commitment to EMS and public service.

Police Officer of the Year – Officer Daniel Hesselbacher

Officer Daniel Hesselbacher served in the United States Air Force for 20 years prior to joining the O’Fallon Police Department. He currently serves withing the Patrol Division at OPD. Additionally, Hesselbacher is one of the department’s armorers and is a member of the department’s Honor Guard Unit. He is consistently one of the most proactive police officers on the department. Hesselbacher routinely uses his skills and intuition to fully investigate calls for services, and in several cases linking his investigation to other crimes which were committed not only in O’Fallon, but in other jurisdictions. Hesselbacher’s positive attitude and drive to succeed are an example to all officers.

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