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New book set in southern Illinois offers hope for families struggling with mental illness

Out of the Night That Covers Me Reaches #1 in Midwest Book Releases on Amazon

St. Louis author Kandace DeLain Davis has released an inspiring new memoir recounting her family’s dramatic battle with mental illness in a small Southern Illinois town and the discovery of the startling truth that sets her free and provides hope for other families.

Out of the Night that Covers Me follows the author’s long search for answers behind tragic family incidents including her mother’s reported suicide and the decades-long domino effect of unhealthy lifestyle choices made by previous generations.

Set in Crossville, Ill., Out of the Night that Covers Me has reached #1 in Midwest Book Releases on Amazon. The book speaks to the rising suicide rates, struggles to overcome addiction, and poor treatment of mentally ill individuals that continue to plague families today.

“I want to show readers we still have much to learn about mental illness,” said Davis, who currently lives in Kirkwood, Mo. “My parents met at a hospital for so-called crazy people. When I was six, my mother killed herself.  It wasn’t the normal way, and the truth was so ugly that protecting me from it was the only option. Had I known how sick my mother was, I would have understood all along.  This book is about my family, in hopes that other struggling families will have a better outcome.”

“This is a must read for anyone who loves someone with a mental illness,” said Steve Sanders, veteran news anchor at WGN-TV news in Chicago. “It is a searing, soul-baring yet heartwarming work detailing a mother’s effort to heal and a heroic grandmother who never gave up.”

Davis narrates her family’s history and details her investigation into the years, months, weeks, and days leading to her mother’s death. Not only does Davis reveal stories of her mother’s life, but she also lovingly shares anecdotes from the life of her grandmother, Faire DeLain Stein. Faire was a woman who made boundless sacrifices to protect the innocent victims of her husband Alvin’s tyrannical behavior and Mary Ellen’s mental illness.

Davis’ path of discovery, and themes of friendship, love, and survival shine through as her loved ones and much of her family support her search. But most of all, the author’s investigation of her family’s tragedy in southern Illinois leads readers to a surprise ending where Davis learns that the truth can set us free.

Out of the Night that Covers Me is published by Eureka, Missouri-based Editor 911 Books. It is available for purchase in paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon at Out of the Night that Covers Me: A Family Memoir eBook : Davis, Kandace: Kindle Store.

Davis is a writer, chef, and retired owner of the Cha Cha Chow Food Company in St. Louis. She previously taught drama and English at Marquette High School in St. Louis County.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and Teaching from Eastern Illinois University. For more information, visit

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