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Illinois veterinary professionals recognized for excellence in animal healthcare

The Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA) presented its annual awards before membership at its recently held convention. The awards recognize Illinois veterinarian professionals who provide compassionate care with leading-edge medical practices for companion animals and livestock, and whose actions impact organized veterinary medicine in Illinois.

“Amazing things happen every day in veterinary clinics and hospitals across the state of Illinois,” said Joanne Carlson, DVM at Loving Care Animal Clinic in Palatine and ISVMA’s immediate past president. “Recognizing outstanding veterinary professionals within the ranks of the ISVMA membership is always a privilege; they each exemplify the meaning of skilled veterinary knowledge coupled with experience and humane care.”

“The following award winners were nominated by their peers and selected by the ISVMA’s Nominations and Awards Committee,” Dr. Carlson explains. “Understandably, to be selected for these awards is truly a statement of honor when your fellow veterinary professionals choose you to be recognized for the care you provide both animals and their human caretakers.”


2023 ISVMA Veterinary Service Award

Presented to ISVMA members giving special attention or promotion of the human/animal bond, as well as demonstrating outstanding work as an ISVMA member.

Waterloo, Ill.: Michelle Gundlach, DVM, Jefferson College, Hillsboro, Mo.

Dr. Gundlach spent several years in rural mixed animal practice and small animal clinical practice after graduating from the University of Illinois’ College of veterinary medicine as salutatorian in 1992. She served three years as president of the Southern Illinois Veterinary Medical Association and seven years on the ISVMA board of directors. She also served in a staff position as director of Education for the ISVMA. A huge advocate for the recognition and promotion of certified veterinary technicians (CVTs), Dr. Gundlach wrote the ISVMA’s all-new three-hour course for veterinary doctors to better understand how to engage CVTs into areas of their training and expertise in efforts to create a better working environment in clinics and hospitals. Dr. Gundlach also helped rewrite the State of Illinois’ humane investigator training. She hails from Waterloo, Ill., and teaches CVT courses in nearby Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Mo.


2023 ISVMA President’s Award

Presented to an individual or group that has significantly advanced the interests of the veterinary profession in Illinois.

Sorento, Ill.: Edmar Schreiber, DVM, Schreiber Veterinary Services
Dr. Schreiber embodies the spirit of veterinary camaraderie and believes that grass-roots efforts in contacting state-wide representatives by phone or having in-person meetings are powerful tools in protecting the veterinary profession in the state. Dr. Schreiber is one of several ISVMA-member veterinarians who recently reorganized the structure and mission of the Illinois Veterinary Medical Foundation and has been involved in the Legislative and Membership committees as an active member of the ISVMA’s current Board of Directors. A graduate of the University of Illinois’ College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Schreiber is a mixed animal veterinarian practicing in the rural Sorento area.


2023 ISVMA Dr. Erwin Small First Decade Award

Awarded to a young veterinarian who has graduated in the last 10 years, has contributed to and has participated in organized veterinary medicine, giving time and effort to support the profession.

Danville/Tilton, Ill.: Laura Reynolds, DVM, Stateline Hillcrest Animal Hospital

Dr. Reynolds has volunteered many hours as a member of the ISVMA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee, attending meetings and public events, such as collegiate job fairs, as a DEI representative. In April, she graduated from the ISVMA’s Power of 10 leadership development program. When not practicing veterinary medicine at two veterinary hospitals in the Danville area, Dr. Reynolds has a passion for caring for stray animals housed in local animal shelters. There, she ensures these deserving stray dogs and cats can be healthy as possible and are ready for adoption. She is a 2018 graduate of the University of Illinois’ College of Veterinary Medicine.


2023 ISVMA Dr. Cecil Ingmire CVT Award

Presented to a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the profession through involvement in organized veterinary medicine.

Plano, Ill.: Beth Armstrong, CVT, CVBL, CFE, CCFP, CFT, CTP, FT, Trusted Journey, VTNE Prep

Armstrong began her veterinary career more than 20 years ago, working in specialty animal medicine and veterinary technician education. Over her career, she has taught certified veterinary technician courses. As an entrepreneur, she established her own business, VTNE Prep, which helps students pass their Veterinary Technician National Exam. In this venture, Armstrong is one of several presenters in an all-new ISVMA training program first initiated in 2023 and is collaborating in the next course offering in 2024. Her full-time employment as a hybrid territory manager is with Trusted Journey, a company specializing solely in personalized cremation services and guidance for pet owners during their time of grief. A graduate of Joliet Junior College’s Veterinary Technology program, Armstrong holds a bachelor’s in occupational and technical studies from Old Dominion University. She has just been elected to the ISVMA Board of Directors as its CVT representative.


About the ISVMA

The ISVMA is a professional association representing more than 1,800 member veterinarians, veterinary and technician students and certified veterinary technicians from around the state to promote and protect veterinary practices, and to ensure the health and welfare of all animals. ISVMA leaders and members study a multitude of innovative medical and business practices, as well as pertinent legislation to determine their impact on pets, animals and their human caretakers.

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