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Madison County Clerk reminds voters about registrations, guidelines

The Madison County Clerk’s Office initiated its biannual Voter Registration ‘clean up’ in mid-August. Registered voters should have received their voter registration cards by now.

If a card for a deceased family member, or one for a person who previously lived at your address but no longer does, was received, it is important to take the following steps:

Deceased member: Visit the Madison County Clerk’s office in person and/or send a letter to the office so that the individual’s voter registration can be canceled.

Non-residing family member:  Send notification in writing stating that this voter has moved from your residential address and/or out of the county, and their registration will be canceled.

All others: Return the voter registration card via USPS, or in-person to the office, so that a second notice can be sent (Address Verification Form) to our office.  If a response for this second notice is not received, the voter is placed on inactive status for 2 Federal Elections. They are cancelled after this time.

The Voter Registration Cards are non-forwardable, so the cards that come back with a yellow sticker or out of county address will receive second notices, which are forwardable.  If we do not receive a reply from the second notice, the voter is placed in the inactive status.

“It is up to all of us to work together to maintain accurate and updated voter rolls. Open your mail and respond accordingly. Our second notices have decreased by 2000 in the last two years ago which appears to mean that Madison County Citizens are more conscientious,” noted Madison County Clerk Linda A. Andreas, in an official statement.

The Madison County Clerk’s office address is 157 North Main St., Ste 109, Edwardsville, IL 62025.  The office phone number is (618) 692-6290.

Sample images of Voter Registration Card (front and back) were provided by the Madison County Clerk’s office:

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