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Donation fast-tracks expansion of Plummer Family Park in Edwardsville

Edwardsville Mayor Art Risavy announced that the city has received a generous donation for the expansion of Edwardsville’s Plummer Family Park from Robert and Donna Plummer.

“This substantial donation will allow the city to continue building out our 83-acre sports park,” Mayor Risavy said. “We are excited this additional funding will kick-start phase 2 of the park that will include four full-size baseball fields and other potential additions, such as more pickleball courts, sand volleyball courts, an expanded parking area and other features.

“This next phase will be a literal game-changer for families seeking top-level sports options so close to Edwardsville’s restaurants, hotels, stores and attractions,” Mayor Risavy said.

Plummer Family Park already boasts four turf youth baseball/softball fields, 12 pickleball courts and six multipurpose fields that regularly accommodate soccer, field hockey, flag football and other games and tournaments.

In a statement, Robert and Donna Plummer said: “It’s a beautiful park that provides opportunities to young athletes that they may not have elsewhere. It would be such an honor if an athlete who had practiced and played at Plummer Family Park was able to achieve a higher level of success on the field, in the classroom, or in other ways because of that experience, and then also elected to give back to their community. It’s important that we all work hard to create opportunity.”

According to Nate Tingley, the director of Parks and Recreation, the City is obtaining cost estimates and hopes to present a construction contract to City Council in October.

Mayor Art Risavy said, “I want to thank Mr. Plummer for his continued enthusiastic support for this high-quality recreational facility that serves so many youths and families.”

Plummer Family Park, located near Goshen Road and Interstate 55, on the southeast edge of Edwardsville, opened in 2018. The facility was the second component of Edwardsville’s A Better Place to Play campaign, and received widespread community support. For more information on Plummer Family Park, visit

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